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Operation Werwolf

The idea for this story came from my Dad's stories about his experiences in World War 2. He started out as a Tank Commander in the British Army, waging war through North Africa, into Italy and fighting his way through to Austria. At the end of the war he was seconded to a unit run by a German speaking Major. Thier job was to find and arrest high ranking Nazis hiding in the Austrian mountains. The biggest catch was Odilo Globocnik who was a particularly nasty individual, even by Nazi standards.
The arrest, confession and suicide of Globocnik is all true and you can read a report here. It was my father who got him to confess to his true identity.

This event in my father's war stories is the basis to Operation Werwolf. I then mixed in elements of Operation Paperclip and the Alsos Mission and the rest is pure imagination. I decided the story would make a great book. The result is a work of military fiction, although there are elements of truth in there too. There was an experimental jet bomber, called the Horten 229, bottom video, which had potential stealth capabilities and there is evidence the Nazis carried out work on producing a nuclear bomb.


Hitler's Secret Atomic Bomb

This book asks a simple question. Did Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party he led create an Atomic bomb during World War 2? If the answer is yes, could it have been used against the allies.
Absolute proof exists that Nazi Germany was actively trying to create atomic an weapon. But only circumstantial evidence exists that the Nazis managed to create and test a weapon.
Tom Kane, whose father was a Nazi hunter at the end of World War 2, examines the truth and the hearsay and comes to a disturbing conclusion.